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It's a while that i want to publish this and fiiinally i do it!

I'm going to explain the features of the Admin Panel, created for server admins, and how it works. Especially it is intended for fulladmins and higher  
So, whoever of :{Per}: members(>60) has not yet received the login just contact me ;). About giving the login to fulladmins that are not in the clan i don't know, i want to know LouK's opinion.

Link to the Admin Panel:


1 ) Search a player
Search a player on one of the server listed below
2 ) Server list
On mouse over a submenu appears with various sections
3) WebAdmins
Feature available only for administrators of the panel
4 ) Account
Personal account setting

1) Search a player

Here you can choose:
- the server where you want to search a player;
- if you want to search only in banlist;
- if you want to search by ip instead of the name;
- the name/alias/id or IP(if selected) typing it in the relative field;
- "See all players" you can see the list of all players connected to the server ordered by id;


Clicking the buttons on the top you can apply those actions to the selected player. Plus you can access to all the info about him (name, all alias, all ip, location, last connection, number of connection, notice, followinfo, penalties etc etc etc).
If the player is an admin (ingame) you can also track his actions related to penalties, that means: his warning, his kick, his bans etc...


2) Server list

I will explain the functions related to the specific server that are the same for all servers in the menu.

Here the submenu on the mouse over:

-> Status

Here you can see information about online players like id, name, connections, level, auth key(for 4.2).
Then you can read generic information about the server like gametype, timelimit, map, etc.

-> Followlist

Info about players currently in followlist.

-> Admins

Info about players currently in admin list (level >= 5).
Here (too) you can change group level and if the tagprotect plugin is installed you can addct/delct them.

-> Banlist

Info about players currently banned.

-> Banstats

Feature for keep under control players with high number of bans (shows players with more than 5 bans).

-> Log & Rcon

Maybe the more interesting section of the Admin Panel that show the game log (real time!) and the old log.
The rcon controller allow a FULL RCON ACCESS that means you can first of all talk with online players with the command say, then you can use all rcon commands you want without opening UrT!

There's a limited version of "Log & Rcon" for lower admins called "Log", in this section they can read the game log (not the old) plus they can communicate with a chat (kind of limited version of rcon console).

-> Run Server/B3

Last but not least, another usefull feature! You can start/stop the selected server and his b3 with a click!

3) WebAdmins

You can see this menu only if you are administrator of the panel.

Submenu includes:
- Manage: display the webadmins list and their level on the panel, in particular you can put them administrators or disable their account by selecting the relative checkbox;

- Log: monitory the activity of webadmins on the panel with a log;

- Set permissions: set what a webadmin can do relying on his level (es. "permban" for 80, "log & rcon" for 100 etc)

4) Account

Here you can change your password and do the logout.


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Re: Admin Panel for :{Per}: Server

Yea log is for 60
for >60 you have full log (old too)