The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by :{(Per)}: :{(Per)}: |
Well, I think that if some you(members) take part of the :{Per}: management, you will be more active and maybe you can be more interested on clan stuff. As I said, nowadays I'm doing maaany things and I'm starting new ideas that I can't finish cause I have to manage and finish tonnes of thin... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 239 comments
Do you want to join a department? explain here why do you want to join one and comment what do you expect joining a Department Join a Department - Info Read more
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Need Help Urt 4.3.2

Posted by umaru umaru | | 2 comments
Iam new in this site how to mapping in this version Urt Step by Step thanks Read more
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Urbanterror problems on Windows10

Posted by Nadja Nadja | | 50 comments
Hey, since I've upgraded my windows 7 to W10 I can't play urbanterror anymore. I can't set my resolution on fullscreen correctly bcs It's always shown too big and my mouse cursor ingame is moving everywhere (not a problem of my mouse) even when it is standing still. I also deleted my q3 cfg ... Read more
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Posted by !TopFox !TopFox | | 20 comments
Hey guys, As I still love Assault mod, I would like to make it a bit more popular and in order to do so, I suggest to create a tournament especially for Assault. We coudl do it, by team or individually, as you want. I think that more maps would also help the server, so here is one more and th... Read more
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Let's create an Assault map! =)

Posted by !TopFox !TopFox | | 7 comments
Hey! We are improving our Assault server but there is a lack of maps! That's why I make this tuto, which will show you how to create an (awesome :D) Assault map. =) What do you need? - GTKradiant 1.6.4 installed (if you didn't do it yet check this post ) - The Assault folder - Basical ... Read more
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[Tuto]How to play Assault?

Posted by !TopFox !TopFox | | 4 comments
Hello! As we often see players that don't know what Assault is or how to play, here is a small tuto to explain everything you need to to know about Assault =) Who created Assault? Assault is a special mod created by Asche and Holblin 4 years ago. Holblin code it and Asche create 3 maps.... Read more
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Posted by !TopFox !TopFox | | 54 comments
Hey everyone, Here is finally my first map! ut4_hijacked_cuby_assault_a4 I hope you'll enjoy it :D Thanks by advance to report any bug, problem or suggestions =) Sincerely, !TopFox Changes for alpha1: - Solve mirrors bug (reported to alpha2) - Add a "readme.txt&... Read more
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Posted by Kamilkos Kamilkos | | 14 comments
I promised to repair deathrun cek and i did it :). All textures are repaired. In beta2 is added blue room with Smoke, Helmet, Vest and Medkit but blues can't camp there, if they will be there more than 30 seconds it will kill them >:D so better be careful. I added HE to red secret ro... Read more
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Help anyone?

Posted by WarLord WarLord | | 26 comments
I can't connect to the auth server probably because of this new problem since I updated to 019 freeze tag update. Edit: it always says this: "Auth error: authserver not available" I even tried getting new auth Also what is UrT telling me when I try to connect to deathrun? ... Read more
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