Forum Features(instructions)

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We have different features for Members, admins and Departaments:


-Go to Options > Subscribe via email, you can select this option inside specific subcategories and you will recive notifications ONLY for that subcategory(you MUST be subscribed on :{Per}: Members Only.
-There are different types of subscriptions:

·Receive every message posted in Forums:

 You will recive ALL new posts, this can spam your inbox, personally, I delete this emails after read them.

·Receive new topics only.


·Individual emails (you can reply by email):

 "hen someone posts, you will recive instanly the new post.

·Daily digest:

 One email with all new posts posted in a day.

Posting options:

·+ Add new poll:

 To add a poll, depending of your level, you will be able to create polls only under specific categories.


 When you assign a post to someone, he/she will be notified via email, you can add a priority depending of the topic/post.


 You can select a word and then click on "link", insert the URL and this word will work as a link for that URL(instead of all the url).

·Embed Tags:

 To add videos from youtube. More info.


   ·Hide email: you can add an email to your post and hide it with this option, it will be shown as [hidden email]
   ·Raw text: Select this option to add codes, you can select different types of codes, like:
<raw class='xml' name='code'>
 It will show sometthing like this(just an example):
<override_subroutine name="view_mixed_workgroup" requires="basic,nabble,servlet">
    <n.apply_workgroup_app_namespace.view_mixed_page />


When you are looking a topic, you have different options(depending of your admin level or your departament, you will be allowed to do more things):

·Topic/post options(top-right in a topic):

   ·Subscribe via email: Pretty obvius, you will receive an email for each new message posted under this topic.
   ·Move topic: To move a topic, you will need the permalink(url) of the subcategory where you want to move it. The permalink is placed on every page of this forum at the top-right of the page. For example, the permalink for this subcategory is: you can move topics to this subcategory using that url.
   ·Pin topic: This topic will be at the top of the subcategory(where are all topics).
   ·Lock topic: No one will be able to post here, if anyone want to post, he/she must send an email to the administrator(LouK).
   ·Delete this topic
   ·Embed post: to embed it to somewhere
You can also select "More" at the top-right of a post, you will have similar options.

Subcategories Options(Departaments Only)

If you are a member of a Departament, you will have special rights on it:


   ·Create new subcategory: With this option, you will be able to create a subcategory, for example, if you are in the Help&Support Departament, you can create different categories like "Tutorials" or "Videotutorials".