The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
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Here's something to break the Game guides domination :) What is IRC? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat , basically it allows you to join chatrooms to chat with people from around the world. The IRC network is divided in servers, in which you find the chatrooms, called "channels&quo... Read more
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Here are the defaults binds : F3 Affirmative F4 Negative F5 I need a medic F6 Ennemy spoted F7 I'm going for the flag F8 Incoming F9 Requesting backup F10 Thanks Here is the full list of all the binds (you can use them by pressing the key "u" which is the default key) : ... Read more
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How to customize your armband ? -Put in consol (to open it, press ² on some keyboards, or ~ on other keyboards) : /cg_rgb "the code of the colour" For example, if you type in the consol "/cg_rgb 0,0,0", you will have a black armband. For a white armband, type in the ... Read more
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Inofficial Funstuffs To see and choose the new funstuff, you need a file. You can download the funstuff file right here --> and just copy the file into your q3ut4 folder. Here some pictures of the inofficial funstuffs : open cons... Read more
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I am going to explain here how to make a script for changing the weapons fastly during the game without going to the Weapons's Menu. Firstly, here is the full list of the codes for the equipments. (Pay attention, you have to respect the capitals and the tiny letters !) The letter A = No w... Read more
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This Demo Script allows you to Change the Speed of a running Demo in Steps. You can slow it down with the - Key on the Keypad/Numblock. The + let the Demo run faster. And the 3 on the Keypad/Numblock enables and disables Shownormals. You can use it to catch hacks. While viewing a demo, th... Read more
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HOW TO USE FUNSTUFF You can personalize your appearance in the game, using these cvars in your cfg, or in console : Funblue item - To customize blue team character Funred item - To customize red team character For example, for Tom on the blue team /funblue ninja, goggles, spikeypp will ... Read more
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Here is a script which can be used to change the names fastly in game by pressing one key : In the place where is written "your name", put your names and your aliases. The key "x" is binded here but you can bind the one that you want. Evertime that you will press t... Read more
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[edited by Vega] These are the commands of the B3 each with its help (from !h ) available on GunMoney for guests, users and admins to level 80 command lvl help on the comand help [<command|level>] 0 get info on how to use a command, you can use *&lt... Read more
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Hi All/Salut tout le monde I talked with Louk about making a script for the :{Per}: Servers, so I made it ... ;) It can be used to switch between the servers fastly. When you are in game, you press 5 (on the Number Pad) to choose the server and 6 to confirm your choice. I put in it all th... Read more
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