How to aim better?

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How to aim better?

My biggest problem with any FPS game is, my aim sucks. Most of the time, i kill others with multiple shots, barely.

Any suggestion about improving my aim is welcome. Share your best tricks for a better aim :)  
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Re: How to aim better?

The worst thing is im in the same position like you ....
When i aim on the enemy my hand turns retard just before im about to shoot .-.
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Re: How to aim better?

Practice practice practice ;)
Me, for example (would see myself as quite a decent good aimer IF warmed up xD)
I started playing urban terror 4 1/2 years ago, and I have a pretty big amount of hours that I won't name because I would have to look over my 5 auth accounts PLUS the hours in 4.1 which I started with.
So, go on a FFA or TDM server, use the gun you want to practice, and play with it.
It will take a while but if you do it everyday you will see things change withing weeks.
Just do like 20 mins TDM before you go and play whatever you'd like, fx. gun-game or sr8.
And do 20 mins before you stop playing, and that's it. That's like the greatest tip I can give you...
I would say watch pros, but there aren't a lot of leagues in urt that are interesting to watch D:
So yeah... now you have my opinion ;)
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Re: How to aim better?

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In reply to this post by capt.awesome
probably im not the proper player to give u advice in this matter coz i have Kill / Death Ratio =0.887423
and u have Kill / Death Ratio =1.26036

i have struggled with this when the servers migrated from urt 4.1 to 4.2 ... i was thinking at that moment to leave this game coz all changed i could not jump and was not able to shoot

1. u must have mouse acceleration off
coz u use a hackintosh i dont know if this apply to your situation (why r u using a hackintosh(<=bad drivers) with your pc configuration???)
in win u can use this in console
/in_mouse 2       .... to enable RAW mouse input
i was using this tool (read all the blog post before u use!!!!!!!!!!!!):

2. change your ingame sensitivity (in console /sensitivity ) so your mouse never exit the surface of mousepad
mine is 6 in gunmoney and 10 in jumpservers but i have also 12 dpi settings from the mouse

3. coz u have a relative big ping (around 200) practice what is in the next video in a local map
u can start a local map by typing in console:
/g_gametype 9; map ut4_turnpike
than /g_stamina 2; g_WallJumps 11; g_noDamage 1

4. aim for the head .... by fixing your aim on the vertical coordinate at the head level

5. in real game condition of the gunmoney maybe the best advise is to do 1 to 3 control shoots than empty your gun as  fast as you can ... preferably in the head :P
(btw did u activated the hit and kill sounds from the menu?)

6. other settings:

/com_singlecore 1              (or a different one if 1 is working)
/com_processpriority 2    from here

7. u can wach some cs videos for more tips:

8. make some demos of your progression in this with the settings u used .... coz u will initially will be worse when u change settings (u have to redevelop neural pathways and muscle memory)  ... start with the settings u have now
... u can maybe film your hand while playing 1 round (i maybe have some pointers if u give me this video)

now u having a better k/d ratio in gunmoney what r your pointers to me ?