The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by umaru umaru | | 2 comments
Iam new in this site how to mapping in this version Urt Step by Step thanks Read more
Posted by Nadja Nadja | | 50 comments
Hey, since I've upgraded my windows 7 to W10 I can't play urbanterror anymore. I can't set my resolution on fullscreen correctly bcs It's always shown too big and my mouse cursor ingame is moving everywhere (not a problem of my mouse) even when it is standing still. I also deleted my q3 cfg ... Read more
Posted by !TopFox !TopFox | | 4 comments
Hello! As we often see players that don't know what Assault is or how to play, here is a small tuto to explain everything you need to to know about Assault =) Who created Assault? Assault is a special mod created by Asche and Holblin 4 years ago. Holblin code it and Asche create 3 maps.... Read more
Posted by WarLord WarLord | | 26 comments
I can't connect to the auth server probably because of this new problem since I updated to 019 freeze tag update. Edit: it always says this: "Auth error: authserver not available" I even tried getting new auth Also what is UrT telling me when I try to connect to deathrun? ... Read more
Posted by AnonDafb AnonDafb | | 2 comments
Hello clan :{Per} searching for help for how i can compile my mod with MinGW? I edit the file sv_ccmds.c for can rename the console, but i don't know hiw compile using windows. So if any know how please help me. Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 4 comments
Hello, gonna post a tutorial for the new shoutbox that recently we have added in the forum. @admins: feel free to update and edit this topic :) Register and become user 1) Click on "Sign in" 2) Click on "Create an account" 3) Insert your "Username/passwo... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 4 comments
Hello guys, i have installed on all our server a plugin for contact admins if you need help or simply if you want to send him a email (without spam maybe). Commands are: command min level description !contact 2 - Message to administrator server* !acontact 20 - Message to ad... Read more
Posted by WarLord WarLord | | 7 comments
Cannot see servers on favorites for some reason I have to do /connect with IP. Any ideas on a fix? Screenshot: Read more
Posted by St0rm St0rm | | 24 comments
Hi it is a message to Vega. I payed the server today but i don't know how join you because the Per servers were turned of today (the ts3 server) So, i need help to you active all the weapons on the server to play with the mod. Please, say me how configure the mod because i didn't understand w... Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 13 comments
As you know (maybe) i switched to linux a short time ago :) works great and i love it. But one question: How do you do a ^ in urbanterror? the '^'-key doesnt work :/ (i open console with SHIFT + Esc) Read more
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