The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by donna30 donna30 | | 1 comment
On eQ no one have rights, panel down, so i think mysql is down Read more
Posted by Pr3D4ToR Pr3D4ToR | | 5 comments
Hi all i have a problem i can't connect to GunMoney serv...... my urt update 4.2.018 what is the problem :( ? Read more
Posted by Joseph* Joseph* | | 24 comments
Hey guys yes i want the version 4.2.18 but i am having troubles of downloading it at home considering i only get 12gb per month and it takes maybe around 3 hours to download 1.6gb. So to save my troubles is the file send able through email? Yes i will have to change the qkey and the login but is... Read more
Posted by Joseph* Joseph* | | 4 comments
Hey everyone i didn't keep my auth key when i registered on so what happens if i request a new auth key? I really don't know what the auth key really is? :/ Really need help and what will it do if i request a new one. Read more
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An introduction to IRC

Posted by Mr.Yeah! Mr.Yeah! | | 11 comments
Here's something to break the Game guides domination :) What is IRC? IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat , basically it allows you to join chatrooms to chat with people from around the world. The IRC network is divided in servers, in which you find the chatrooms, called "channels&quo... Read more
Posted by Joseph* Joseph* | | 3 comments
Hey everyone what is happening with the website forums layout? Same thing like last time? (the stars rank thingy stuffing up i see and that's all i notice) Read more
Posted by Joseph* Joseph* | | 36 comments
Hey everyone this post is to help make it easier and make you a faster jumper/runner. 1. There is a bind that makes it easier to sprint/run at the same time so you don't have to press your forward button and your sprint button and making it hard to jump as well (pressing your crouch button wh... Read more
Posted by Joseph* Joseph* | | 8 comments
- deleted - Read more
Posted by `Fox `Fox | | 1 comment
I asked donna to send me a crouching script ,but he send me this :( you can try something like: bind jump; wait 2; +movedown , but what it did it just ruined my whole settings , now i can't jump , before i was only crouching bit i did /cl_run 1 and now i can only walk , so yea , any1 has any ide... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 61 comments
It's a while that i want to publish this and fiiinally i do it! I'm going to explain the features of the Admin Panel, created for server admins, and how it works. Especially it is intended for fulladmins and higher So, whoever of :{Per}: members(>60) has not yet received the login just ... Read more
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