The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by `Fox `Fox | | 9 comments
Hey i'm fox , i have a question , i'm trying to have a script but the problem is that i don't have a autoexec.cfg i belive i deleted it by accident , so could any of you help me. Many thanks if you do :D Read more
Posted by TheBadOne TheBadOne | | 31 comments
... to enter the auth key for version 4.2 1) Create a file that has the name of your auth key ( obviously using copy&paste functionality !) and extension .cfg in ~ / .q3a/q3ut4/ (this is the directory that contains the other .cfg files) for example touch ~/.q3a/q3ut4/D41D8CD98F00B20... Read more
Posted by NooBaDay NooBaDay | | 18 comments
Hello guys!!! Am searching how I can rename the "console:" of my server...but I can find nothing. I speak with donna and he say me than louk cna help me with that. In this moment I have the Sr8 Mode and Zombie Mode. Please help me louk! if you want contact to me with me E-mail: noo... Read more
Posted by sh1omi sh1omi | | 19 comments
Its very usefull :) Controls: + = more speed (Max speed: X8) - = less speed (When its 0 the demo freeze) * = Switch between "r_shownormals 1" and "r_shownormals 0" Read more
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Console Guide

Posted by Joke Joke | | 10 comments
Console guide [Advanced] Now I’m going to teach you about CVARs! What is a CVAR? A CVAR, also called ConVAR sometimes, is a variable located in the client’s game (ConsoleVARiable), which will only affect that one client. You cannot act on the other players’ game with a CVAR. So CVARs ar... Read more
Posted by donna30 donna30 | | 9 comments
Hey all, I got asked from vincent for the Sr8-Knife-Normal Script: Here is it: set zombieMode "set nextMode vstr humanMode; ut_echo ^1Z^7ombie ^1M^7ode; bind MOUSE1 vstr zombieAtk" set humanMode "set nextMode vstr sniperMode; ut_echo ^1H^7uman ^1M^7ode; bind MOUSE1 +attac... Read more
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The Radio Binds

Posted by Aelmiks Aelmiks | | 10 comments
Here are the defaults binds : F3 Affirmative F4 Negative F5 I need a medic F6 Ennemy spoted F7 I'm going for the flag F8 Incoming F9 Requesting backup F10 Thanks Here is the full list of all the binds (you can use them by pressing the key "u" which is the default key) : ... Read more
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Armbands's Colors

Posted by Aelmiks Aelmiks | | 2 comments
How to customize your armband ? -Put in consol (to open it, press ² on some keyboards, or ~ on other keyboards) : /cg_rgb "the code of the colour" For example, if you type in the consol "/cg_rgb 0,0,0", you will have a black armband. For a white armband, type in the ... Read more
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Inofficial Funstuffs

Posted by Aelmiks Aelmiks | | 30 comments
Inofficial Funstuffs To see and choose the new funstuff, you need a file. You can download the funstuff file right here --> and just copy the file into your q3ut4 folder. Here some pictures of the inofficial funstuffs : open cons... Read more
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[Script] Change Weapons

Posted by Aelmiks Aelmiks | | 13 comments
I am going to explain here how to make a script for changing the weapons fastly during the game without going to the Weapons's Menu. Firstly, here is the full list of the codes for the equipments. (Pay attention, you have to respect the capitals and the tiny letters !) The letter A = No w... Read more
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