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:{Per}: Servers Menu

Posted by Aelmiks Aelmiks | | 12 comments
Hi All/Salut tout le monde I talked with Louk about making a script for the :{Per}: Servers, so I made it ... ;) It can be used to switch between the servers fastly. When you are in game, you press 5 (on the Number Pad) to choose the server and 6 to confirm your choice. I put in it all th... Read more
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Minigames while playing Urt!!

Posted by LouK LouK | | 1 comment
Well, I found this games surfing on the internet and I made a script to make them easier to use. Have fun xD To add them, search in your computer the "Urban Terror" folder. In there you will see a folder called "q3ut4", open it and search the file "autoexec.cfg"(... Read more
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Colors in Name!

Posted by LouK LouK | | 16 comments
How can you customize your colors?: -Put in console(to open it, press ยบ): -You can add colors using the key ^ followed by a number, the number corresponds to a certain color): ^0 ^1 ^2 ^3 ^4 ^5 ^6 ^7 ^8 ^9 Example: You can also add it to the autoexec.cfg( what is autoexec.... Read more
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Fast Shoot(scripting)

Posted by LouK LouK | | 7 comments
This can be used only on servers that have MODs. Most frecuent "spam shoots" are used on zombie servers, but there are more servers that allow this(for example our CubeLowGrav server when the "Pistol Only MOD" is running). Instructions: Search in your computer the "... Read more
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Match Mode(scrims) Guide

Posted by LouK LouK | | 10 comments
This is a little guide about match mode(the game type used in scrims) -The server will be private, so when you will try to connect to the server, it will say "invalid password". Open your console and write /set password (the clan will provide this password, our clan password is pers... Read more
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Forum Features(instructions)

Posted by :{(Per)}: :{(Per)}: | | 0 comments
We have different features for Members, admins and Departaments : Subscribing: -Go to Options > Subscribe via email, you can select this option inside specific subcategories and you will recive notifications ONLY for that subcategory(you MUST be subscribed on :{Per}: Members Only . -The... Read more
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