The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 24 comments
Here i present you our new server setup: Sr8 Only Cube LowGrav PerMix (a little surprise ^^) There is still work in progress (especially for PerMix) and MANY things will change, but still, that is our starting point. Im thinking abou... Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 60 comments
Hello everyone, we decided to shut all game-servers down. We will need some time for preparation and then we will go back online. Please be patient, the servers will be back (in 4.3) some day. In the mean time feel free to make suggestions for the reboot. Any ideas for servers/events/change... Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 12 comments
Hey guys. You see the title. I guess i dont have to explain it :/ Our balance is close to 0. To keep the servers up and running we need some donations. It would be nice if you could consider it. Vega just donated another 10$ to keep us alive for a few more weeks, but we gonna need more. Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 12 comments
As a clan we are proud to offer 4 urbanterror game servers, one teamspeak server and of course the website and this forums on our domain. This fills us with satisfaction since we do it for the game and the community. (You guys are great!! :) ) Unfortunately all this stuff is not for free. An... Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 1 comment
We are running a test right now. It is sr8 only (with normal stamina [and yes, i can not change that...]). Feel free to connect and pls report bugs/ideas. (@First one to do so: pls open a specific topic for that) Pls note, that it really just is a test. We did not e... Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 0 comments
As the topic says, i had to shut down our zombeyMoney gameserver down for a while. Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 19 comments
Inspired by LouK's History i decided to write a second part. (It would be a pity, if we would forget about those times ^^) Spring 2014: When LouK left, he gave the power and responsibility of leading the clan to a Leaderboard of members chosen by him. Those were Vega, Joke, Kuro and me. Even ... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 23 comments
Hello folks! If you like our servers, forum, website, teamspeak, please support us even with a small donation. Just go on, click on donate button on the top-right, and if you have a paypal/bank account you can donate in less than a minute! This will really help us to... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 19 comments
Hello clan, we have an announcement to do about the Leading Board. We are sorry to communicate that Kurokei is not a leader anymore. Even if he is one of the "founders" and he always took part to the important decisions, he will keep to give his opinion but from the Senior Admin posi... Read more
Posted by WarLord WarLord | | 45 comments
Hello everyone! As I said in shoutbox, the minecraft server is coming. But it is here now. I set it up, installed some plugins and I am building the server spawn now with WorldEdit and by hand. After creating the spawn I will post the IP and you will all be free to join! Admins... now... Read more
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