The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by Vega Vega | | 53 comments
Hello clan, ZombMoney is finally ready! i just installed the mod and now we are officially indipendent, we are not using any external mod anymore! These are the main changes (improvements) in the server: - immediate response of the bot when you buy a weapons, the bot is ALWAYS on, can't cras... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 79 comments
Here we are, as i already said in another topic it's time to say good bye to b3. This is not definite, for now this concern only GunMoney Server. As you all now recently b3 started to be very slow on this server, maybe because of my mod it has to parse too many things and the queue became ... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 27 comments
Hi guys, i start this topic saying that finally :{Per}: has his own UrT4.2 Mod! Yes i'm the creator of the mod but i finished it only thanks to my friend GaD and some tips of z3nny. Plus i have to thank you all for all the bugs you reported! Without you it would have been impossible to me to f... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 19 comments
We are glad to announce the opening of the brand new ZombMoney at port 27963!! A couple of month ago we closed definetely our ZombMoney on the 4.1 and we have been forced to close our ZombMoney 4.2 cause it was bugged. But now we have the final mod (thanks to z3nny) that allow us to reopen this... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 2 comments
We just closed our last 4.1 server, ZombMoney. We will keep now working at 4.2, new servers will be comming and we'll be improving our current servers :) Read more
Posted by Kurokei Kurokei | | 33 comments
I think it's a good time to announce that i will soon realease the second map :{Per}: A lot of suprise and new gameplay in this project ! Hope you'll enjoy it Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 23 comments
I'm excited to announce that finally the new website is online!!!!!! >>> <<< We had some problems transferring the domain -f**k to our previous domain company- but now finally is ready! Let's say a huge thanks to Sh1omi that worked a looooot on this websi... Read more
Posted by Kurokei Kurokei | | 59 comments
We're about to released the first version ! Hope you guy will enjoy all the suprise we prepared Btw we'll need you to find all the bug :) Read more
Posted by Joke Joke | | 60 comments
Hey guys, As you may know, we decided to temporary shutdown our own servers, for money issues. We are keeping the rented servers on, of course and we'll wait to get enough money to turn back on ours. Also, it would be great if you could donate, with the donate button on the site (check that ... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 74 comments
As some of you already know, I'm leaving UrT but the clan won't be closed :) Since manage all the aspects of the clan is not a kids game, we decided to promote our Head Admins to a leading position. These are the new ranks: As VPS Leader (VPS = VirtualPrivateServer), Joke. He'll manage all... Read more
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