The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by LouK LouK | | 41 comments
Hi guys, I'm sorry but for some personal problems I decided to quit all my UrT life, our servers (also rented servers) will keep online for a few weeks but I won't keep paying for them. I know this is a bad notice but I really need it, I may retake urt one day but I don't think so. I apprecia... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 11 comments
Sometimes a clan needs to refresh his image so we decided to change our logo :D Design by :{Per}: Genesis Please leave your opinions! Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 14 comments
Hey guys, I'm glad to announce a very big improvement at our GunMoney server! With the aid of Z3nny (thanks a lot man!) I learnt some reaaaally useful things to change and improve the ioUrT Source Code, allowing me to move the Guns stuff (weapons rewards) from b3 to server-side :D What doe... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 4 comments
Yep! its here! blues: 100 walljumps reds: health regen We might add more features anyway :D /connect Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 5 comments
Hey there, we just had to make our 1st server bigger due to RAM lacks. Now we have more free space to create more servers :D! Who knows, maybe the SuPerJumPer server will be back soon I also want to remind that donations are there, if you like our servers and you want to contribute we wil... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 26 comments
We are glad to announce that our GunMoney server will be also (we will keep the 4.1 server until it keeps populated) at UrT 4.2! The server is now online as a beta version, there are still many things to fix and many others to add but hopefully the server will look like the 4.1 server but, of... Read more
Posted by Vega Vega | | 27 comments
Hello everybody, as many of you already know, the moment, that we all hoped would never come, has come... The 4.1 master server will be shut down on 1st January, here the notice: KABOOM! - That is the sound our self destruct mechanism will make on the 1st of January 2014 at 00:00 CET. It ha... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 2 comments
As some of you already know, one of my teachers at my university lets me work on b3 plugins for his class so I'll be releasing many plugins during this and next year. Plugin description and download Repository at GitHub I'll add this plugin to Cube02, GunMoney and Zombie and maybe to Sr... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 26 comments
Yo guys, glad to put online our new Sr8 server! :{Per}: Sr8 Only Ip: This server has been created specially to train :{Per}: Members for the incoming Sr8 Tournament But it's a public server, during official trainings the server name will be changed to Sr8 Private... Read more
Posted by LouK LouK | | 7 comments
Hi guys, We are moving our ts3 server to our 2nd master server. The new ip is: I'll keep the old teamspeak server online for a few days so tell this to everybody! All channels / ranks & ids will be the same so no worries :D Read more
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