The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
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Yea, this is a thing that deserves a post on our news category. Thank you very much kurokei for your donation! Hope more players will take this initiative Read more
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:{Per}: GunGame Ip: I wanted to make another type of Guns fame and here it is! It works almost like the COD's GunGame. When you kill with a weapon you will level up one weapon level and win another weapon, if someone kills you then you'll lose one weapon level. Th... Read more
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If you don't see any server in the servers list, its probably cause you have set the cl_master to .net. Open the console and type /cl_master and it will be fixed. Read more
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Just added a new alias for our ip. You can now type instead of Read more
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Yo guys, I would like to make a couple of things at our GunS server this weekend before close it :) Soo I would like to see some ideas, but here are mines: Saturday: Change weapons damages to a very low power. Can you kill? x) Sunday: Tournament, humm, we could make a TS tournament and ... Read more
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:{Per}: SuPerJumPer Ip: Well guys, I searched everywhere in the server and just couldn't find the error.. So I put some maps and deleted most of the mapcycle. The server seems to be running fine but I want you guys to take a look to it and check if some maps can't be... Read more
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Hi guys, I'm glad to announce this new feature, for now I will keep it for +80 level cause it keep needing some fixements but it seems to be working fine. !demo (!startdemo) : The server will start to make a demo of the selected player. !report (!send) : Stop recording the player's demo and... Read more
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We just put online a new server! :{Per}: ZombMoney Ip: How does this server work?: It's based in the well know mod "zombie", red team(zombies) have to kill blue team(humans) with just a knife and they can buy items like kevlar, helmet.. nades like HE, flas... Read more
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We are glad to announce the addition of the banlists feature for our servers that is now available at Servers/Banlists at the main menu of this website. Special thanks to :{Per}:Vega for his colaboration and to TheBadOne for his ideas & initial idea. We will keep working to improve ou... Read more
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We started to have enough clients on our Server Renting Services and we just started to earn money! Due to this, I've decided to invert our profits in the clan. We have our own domain (the old is now pointing to this URL), more bandwidth and we remov... Read more
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