The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
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· Restarted all Money stats · Bots don't earn money now · You can auto buy weapons and items with !buy <weapon/item> on/off(you will get what you auto bought every time you spawn) · Invisible and God are back, you can buy them for minutes. God costs 15000 per minute and Invisibl... Read more
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Yea, this is a thing that deserves a post on our news category. Thank you very much kurokei for your donation! Hope more players will take this initiative Read more
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:{Per}: GunGame Ip: I wanted to make another type of Guns fame and here it is! It works almost like the COD's GunGame. When you kill with a weapon you will level up one weapon level and win another weapon, if someone kills you then you'll lose one weapon level. Th... Read more
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If you don't see any server in the servers list, its probably cause you have set the cl_master to .net. Open the console and type /cl_master and it will be fixed. Read more
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Just added a new alias for our ip. You can now type instead of Read more
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Yo guys, I would like to make a couple of things at our GunS server this weekend before close it :) Soo I would like to see some ideas, but here are mines: Saturday: Change weapons damages to a very low power. Can you kill? x) Sunday: Tournament, humm, we could make a TS tournament and ... Read more
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:{Per}: SuPerJumPer Ip: Well guys, I searched everywhere in the server and just couldn't find the error.. So I put some maps and deleted most of the mapcycle. The server seems to be running fine but I want you guys to take a look to it and check if some maps can't be... Read more
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Hi guys, I'm glad to announce this new feature, for now I will keep it for +80 level cause it keep needing some fixements but it seems to be working fine. !demo (!startdemo) : The server will start to make a demo of the selected player. !report (!send) : Stop recording the player's demo and... Read more
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We just put online a new server! :{Per}: ZombMoney Ip: How does this server work?: It's based in the well know mod "zombie", red team(zombies) have to kill blue team(humans) with just a knife and they can buy items like kevlar, helmet.. nades like HE, flas... Read more
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We are glad to announce the addition of the banlists feature for our servers that is now available at Servers/Banlists at the main menu of this website. Special thanks to :{Per}:Vega for his colaboration and to TheBadOne for his ideas & initial idea. We will keep working to improve ou... Read more
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