The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
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We started to have enough clients on our Server Renting Services and we just started to earn money! Due to this, I've decided to invert our profits in the clan. We have our own domain (the old is now pointing to this URL), more bandwidth and we remov... Read more
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After a long break to improve and fix the whole server and MOD I've decided to put back online our GunS[MOD] server(! Many features have been added: - Changed server name(so it attracts more): :{Per}: GunS [MOD] - Bots: Up to 8 bots, they are kicked depending of the number o... Read more
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As some of you know, I've been working on the source code of the server(and had my first contact with C :·3). Lots of things have been added, fixed and improved(such as custom console prefix, teleport, FFA bugs, etc) and more stuff is comming! specially for our sr8 server, which will reborn i... Read more
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Cube02: IP: Colors in names Fast regainstamina 100 walljumps H&K69: Jumping hk in short range, bouncing HK(bullet) in long range Spas: 5 bullets, less damage, more knockback and more fire rate(can shoot faster) HE grenade: More Knockback Health: added health re... Read more
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We are now providing public or private, UrT 4.1.1 or 4.2, Teamspeak 3 and even Minecraft servers!! More information in the Rent a server menu. Read more
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Urban Terror is losing a very good and old clan, ​​ 2setps 2hell [2s2h] ​​. Pioneers on the Deathrun gamemode and with the wonderful server "2s2h Cube02 only LowGrav" where many of us had very good times and where most of our veteran members met. We could say that we owe many things ... Read more
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Thanks for your ideas guys, I changed a couple of things. Please read again our Clan Rules . Read more
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-٠•●►Sni:{Per}:Jum Ts3 server◄●•٠- Ip: Check out our Servers​ Read more
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Well, after a long time trying to talk with some members and try to make them know how important is the image of a clan, I have to take the following actions: 1. Genesis: Your attitude was very bad some months ago and after we let you rejoin us i thought you matured more and you were showing ... Read more
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After a long process of thinking, learning and improving we have taken the step to become an independent clan with our own dedicated server(​! More servers will be created during may and our current servers will be improved as HeLl! Even, in a few weeks/months we will start to ren... Read more
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