The Sni:{Per}:Jum Clan
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 4 comments
Nexunity: 4 :{Per}: 0 It was a pretty clear win for them. Still funny games (especially the first two matches imo) The last one was just depressing.... 20161117_204129___Per__R3V1S0R_ut4_orbital_sl_FREEZE_Red_vs_Blu.urtdemo 20161117_205409___Per__R3V1S0R_ut4_mandolin_FREEZE_Blue_vs_Red... Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 7 comments
unfortunately my demo is too large. Anyone who wants it, just ask me (skype, email, etc...) MsTwD: 1, :{Per}: 1 -> DRAW Read more
Posted by R3V1S0R R3V1S0R | | 2 comments
:{Per}: 0 ; 1hW 2 Well the first round was very close. We were quite even, but in the end 1hW got it. Map was orbital and we played sr8 only. The second round we had no chance. We played all weapons and got screwed almost every round. Well, here is my demo: 20160422_210243___Per__R3V1S... Read more
Posted by BumbleBee BumbleBee | | 8 comments
Ok, this game was fking whack, bullshit piece of poo... Nugh said..... I broke my Keyboard at the end of the 1st round with rage =.=....... Orbital - :{Per}: - 0 Abbey - MsTwD - 2 20160319_200158___Per__BumbleBe_ut4_orbital_sl_TS_Visitors_vs__.urtdemo 20160319_200158___Per__... Read more
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Well, I guess you could say we scrimmed these guys here, but to be honest, it seemed like they were more of just playing with bait with us. I guess we did sorta good in the 2nd half O.o? All over the place. During the 2nd half the opposing team started to leave, so the match is actually null and... Read more
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To start off with, a hitched up beginning, they couldnt get thier 5th player to join. So we had a 4v4 instead. They have bogus hits man... Absolute bogus, bunch of hocus pocus magic too.... Anyways, 2 screenshots and a demo. (Demo is too large) :{Per}: - 0 1hW - 2 Read more
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WELL.... No thanks to R3v, the server wasnt used.. Or more or less unable to connect. Thanks for that, so instead we used MsT's server. Which lagged considerably bad, but bareable for some of us. We allowed RexXxie to play. He may not be part of the clan, but as shown in a recent post, R3v ... Read more
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Well, tbh, we could've won the first map Boxtrot... If the damned Ammo was right... We moved to thier server afterwards.. Which imo was bogus, I believe they used incognito, but thats just me. Here are the screenshots and demoes as usual. (Yes, I remembered this time.) 1hW - 2 :{Per}: - 0... Read more
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Well, the results are in scoring us a victory To be honest, I played crap, untill Orbital came on, but as a team with help from our lagging friend jr.DaVina, we kicked some ass, MsT put up a nice hard fight for us =). Thanks to Rex, I got our first screenshot =P. This is aimmed at Rambo, please... Read more
Posted by RexXxie RexXxie | | 1 comment
Hey guys! These are the results of the pcw (Sorry for !Topfox and Nightmare that you couldn't participate...they came 10pm not 8pm :/) We won pretty close :S First map (turnpike): shot0118.jpg (we had to restart as there was a spectator bug, everybody could see the other team) Second map ... Read more
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